How do we support you?

CSB act as your outsourced Company Secretary. This includes complete Corporate Governance and Company Secretarial support and facilitating independent advice on listings, capital raisings, continuous disclose obligations and policy writing.

What does the support of Clear Sky Blue look like?

The role of a Company Secretary is varied; here are some areas we will assist:

ASX, ASIC and other Regulatory and Governance Assistance

  • Provision of advice on ASX Listing Rules and disclosure obligations
  • Corporations Act and other regulatory advice
  • General Corporate Governance advice
  • Compose Corporate Governance materials such as Charters, Policies and the Corporate Governance Statement
  • Administration of the Constitution and other core governing documentation
  • Establishing a subsidiary governance framework
  • Review and evaluate Board performance
  • Director tenure and rotation support

Member Advisory

  • Annual reporting requirements
  • drafting notices of meeting
  • Event and administration management of member meetings
  • Act as the share registry liaison on member matters (eg distributions, corporate actions)
  • Prepare and monitor board skills matrix

Board of Directors Administration

  • Board and Committee consideration
  • Company Secretarial Reporting to the Board
  • Compliance contribution to Committee Pack
  • Board and Committee paper collation and distribution
  • Minute taking, matters arising and action registers of Board and Committee meetings
  • Drafting of Board critical documents such as:
  • Circular Resolutions
  • Authorisations under delegation
  • Duty statements for Directors’ and Officers’ of the Board
  • Director appointments, full administration, and process advice
  • Director resignations, full administration, and process advice

Company Secretarial & Governance Advisory

With the ever changing and stringent regulatory environment of Corporate Governance, Clear Sky Blue assists companies to navigate this sometimes time consuming and daunting space. The importance of creating business process to adhere to and understand the regulations, is what we do best. The role of a Company Secretary can sometimes be underestimated. This vital role is about more than monitoring regulatory obligations, it is the responsibility of ensuring information is disseminated to your shareholder and stakeholders in an efficient and transparent manner to facilitate informed decision making. Understanding this role and working to implement business processes to meet best practice Corporate Governance is what we do best.

Corporate Governance Services

The foundation of a sound corporate governance framework is dedication to the administration and maintenance of a company’s records. CSB provides expert understanding of the regulatory framework and implementation of which.